What is a Crab Cracker?

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Update time : 2021-12-16 13:20:00

Similar to the shape and purpose of a nutcracker, crab cakes are used to break up the hard shells of crabs, lobsters and any other edible crustaceans. Crab crackers are also called lobster crackers. These seafood dishes have an easy-to-grip handle and a wide opening so that when the jaws of the utensil open the shell, the tender meat inside will not be damaged.
The crab cracker is a delicately designed tool with two mirrored parts connected by a hinge. The two mirror parts have a handle on one end and a gripper with a ridged handle on the other end, which is used to fix the shell in place when the shell is cracked. The hinge connects the two parts approximately at the midpoint.
The best way to enjoy fresh shellfish is to make sure you have the tools to pry the shells safely and easily. Compared to a normal seafood dinner, crab claws and crab legs are notorious for requiring a little extra work, but once you remove the meat from the shell, the rewards are well worth it. Who doesn't want a delightful shellfish dinner with lots of fresh lemon slices and butter?
To help get the crab meat out of the shell, crackers can be a very effective tool that can make it easier, faster, and safer. After all, the goal is to spend more time enjoying delicious seafood, not laboriously trying to pry it open.
Although the crab cracker does prove a particularly innovative design concept, it is a convenient device. Although it is mainly used to facilitate the easiest extraction of meat from the shells of crustaceans, it also saves the hands of the people who use it. Eating seafood shells often results in cuts and bloodshed on human hands. Using tools such as crab cracker can reduce a lot of pain and discomfort.
These utensils are made of aluminumzinc alloy or stainless steel, and are usually enamel or coated to prevent rust. There are also those made of heavy-duty durable plastic. Those crab crackers made of metal and those made of plastic crab biscuits usually have a special, easy-to-grip handle that helps with a non-slip surface so that wet hands don’t lose their grip. The cracker usually has teeth inside the appliance to help grab the crustacean’s claws or legs.
In addition to crab crackers, seafood tools also includes lobster or crab forks, which are two small forks used to gently remove the meat from the shell. Crab or lobster picks, small appliances like spears, used to string tender meat and remove it from the shell. Sea shears or lobster shears are used to cut the thinner part of the shell. Sea scissors will not break the shell, but can make straighter and more even cuts.
Although crab crackers have basic and simple design premises, many suppliers choose to make the tool more visually interesting. Some suppliers use designs similar to lobster claws as handles. Like INFULL’s products, our crab crackers handles are designed with ergonomically curved strips and come with pink/green/blue non-slip handles, which guarantees a beautiful appearance and safety at the same time.