Is gold flatware toxic?

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Update time : 2021-12-29 13:28:37

There are several advantages and disadvantages to substituting regular stainless steel cutlery or silverware with gold cutlery. Among the obvious advantages are that gold cutlery adds increased grace to any dining affair, and gold itself is a completely non-toxic and safe metal should microscopic amounts of it scrape off during prolonged use and get into food. Since gold is such a soft, malleable metal, it is also true the cutlery is not as durable as silverware or stainless steel. This is in large part due to the fact that most gold cutlery is in actuality made from zinc or copper with a thin plating of pure gold on its surface, which can easily be abraded, scratched, and marred over time.


The relative fragility of this cutlery compared to that of other types of silverware is its major drawback in repeated use. Plated cutlery has a layer of surface gold that is only several microns thick. By comparison, human hair is usually between 50-120 microns in thickness. Antique gold cutlery that is solid gold may present even more difficulties, as the soft quality of gold makes it likely that harm will occur. For example, the tines in forks will break with repeated use and the cutlery will sustain bending and warping damage with regular use that is difficult to repair.


Methods for cleaning gold cutlery are best chosen based on how much time and money someone wants to put into maintaining its original quality. All abrasive polishes and rough polishing cloths should be avoided, as they can strip off areas of the gold surface where fine scratches or pits may have appeared during use. Automatic dishwasher cleaning should also be avoided and only hand cleaning employed to avoid unexpected mechanical or chemical damage. Expensive ultrasonic cleaners are available using high frequency sound waves and tap water to clean delicate materials such as jewelry and this type of cutlery, with minimal surface degradation. A low-cost method would be to use a jewelry polishing cloth with a mildly

an acidic solution of lemon juice in water, using a gentle swirling motion to polish the cutlery and rub out stains.


Modern electroplating technology provides beautiful gold tableware at a fairly affordable price. Just like INFULL's golden tableware, it uses advanced electroplating technology and layered quality inspection to ensure that each of our utensils is perfect and undamaged when it reaches the customer's hands. If properly maintained, the golden tableware can maintain its new appearance indefinitely.