What is a full set of tableware

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Update time : 2021-12-30 17:47:45

We use knives, forks and spoons every day. The cutlery set includes all the cutlery needed for eating and serving. Simple family dinners only require knives, forks and spoons, while formal multi-course meals require many specialties. Regardless of the design, material and style, a complete set of tableware can provide enough tableware for all diners.


Cutlery Set

Traditionally, the bride will receive tableware as a wedding gift. These are boxes of expensive wood, such as mahogany, with velvet lining and compartments for storing each piece of utensils. This tableware are usually made of silver and usually contain tableware or cutlery for eight people. Modern cutlery sets are usually made of stainless steel, but silver can still be used. These sets have four position settings, but there are also additional position settings, and sometimes separate parts are available.


Traditional setting

A set of daily traditional tableware contains six tableware, and each tableware has seven pieces of tableware. Diners use soup spoons for soup and broth, main dishes use tableware, and dessert spoons and forks, although dessert knives and forks are also suitable for salad courses. The last piece is a teaspoon for any hot beverages served at the end of the meal.


There are three extra pieces of cutlery for more formal occasions. Diners use fish knives and forks in seafood courses, coffee spoons use coffee spoons, and tea spoons are used exclusively for tea. The size and shape of all knives, forks and spoons are related to the food provided.



Meals in contemporary life are not as formal as traditional meals. There are usually fewer courses and dinners, except for special occasions. The modern cutlery set has four cutlery, each cutlery only has five cutlery. The package includes main course knife and fork, salad and dessert fork, dessert spoon and tea spoon. Most modern tableware is made of stainless steel, which is easier to clean than silver and can be placed in the dishwasher.



Traditional cutlery sets include one or two serving spoons, and these are usually sold as a supplement to modern cutlery. Other cutlery can be added to the cutlery set, although they are not necessarily part of the complete set. There are a butter knife for removing butter from a butter pan, a butter applicator and a cheese knife for spreading butter on bread. Professional forks include meat forks, oyster forks and pastry forks. Service utensils such as fish servers, soup spoons, salad servers, pie and cake servers, sugar tongs and sauce spoons are also complementary to the basic cutlery set.


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