The facts, uses, history of a lemon juicer

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Update time : 2021-12-20 10:30:00

Since the advent of this very simple tool, the lemon juicer has come a long way, and it has made the lives of many housewives and bartenders easier. Because of the thick lemon peel, users who used lemon as a juice in the early days wanted to extract the most juice because it was very expensive at the time. Lemons are part of these exports, and the Turks are among the first to find the solution to get the most juice from lemons.
Given its multiple uses and proven medicinal value, lemons are in great demand. In fact, in the past, especially now during the COVID pandemic, the import of lemons has been restricted.
The oldest patent for a lemon juicer was granted to Lewis S. Chichester on July 3, 1860. His design was a cast iron juicer and was considered to be more efficient than the ordinary juicers used at the time. Its working principle is lever and fulcrum, much like a modern press.
However, the oldest lemon juicer is made of ceramic pottery and was discovered in Kutahya, Turkey in the early 18th century.
The closest version of a lemon juicer we know today was invented by John Thomas White and patented on December 8, 1896. It is installed on the base, but the working principle is the same as that of a modern juicer.
Since then, the citrus juicer has undergone so many innovations, in fact, in the late 18th century alone, the juicer obtained more than 200 patents. Not to mention hundreds of modern works from the most practical to the most absurd works of art. Some of these art versions are currently on display in some museums.
What is the name of a lemon juicer?
The lemon juicer can also be called a reamer, mainly because its mechanism is to ream lemons with a reamer (use a tool to enlarge the hole). The lemon is then pressed on the reamer and turned until the juice and sometimes the inner wall surrounding the slice is removed. Stainless steel is a desktop reamer, while a wooden reamer is a handheld type.
What is a juicer?
A juicer is a tool used to remove juice from lemons and other citrus fruits. It comes in many forms, but the principle remains the same-get the most juice from each citrus fruit. .
In conclusion
Regardless of the design of the lemon juicer, the most important part is that it can do its job-squeeze the juice. Whether you decide to buy a quirky or classic design manual or electric juicer, the fact remains that it will be useless unless you get the most juice from use.