Why everyone needs a lemon squeezer

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Update time : 2021-12-21 11:57:59

If you already have a hand-held lemon squeezer, and I think you probably have, then congratulations: you live the best life. However, if you have not succumbed to the miracle of a hand-held lemon squeezer, I humbly suggest that you let the great escape your grasp.
Wrong lemon squeezer
When I was growing up, my mother had that kind of lemon squeezer in which you could pierce the lemon and twist it until all the juice and pulp flowed into the fine glass dish below. These are very effective, I think, and satisfying, in a heartfelt way. In fact, in terms of the sheer amount of juice, this lemon squeezer-we call it a beautifying reamer-may actually be more effective than a hand-held lever-type squeezer. I am not a scientist.
But for lemons, as for life, it is not just efficiency that needs to be considered. For example, what is convenient? Why not do it?
The right lemon squeezer
What you need is a hand-held squeezer, where you press the lemon between two metal slices until it is fully juiced.
If this squeezer has a single advantage (there are many, but it can be considered a thought experiment), it is that unlike almost any other lemon squeezer mode, the lever-based hand press will not let your hands Become citrusy. This is very important if your skin is cracked, dry and/or sensitive. Lemon juice hurts, and it will make your hands smell faintly lemony for the rest of the day. You are a bit hesitant about the last point-according to the soap manufacturer, lemon is a lovely smell-but I personally disagree.
The hand-held squeezer does not require any technology or instructions: cut the lemon and squeeze it directly into the container of your choice. Because I am an adventurer, I squeezed directly into the pot.
The juicer squeezes more juice from each lemon than I can squeeze out with my own hands, which is also very subtle. It will even grab the seeds.
Indeed, the hand-held lemon squeezer is a perfect invention. Leverage is a good mechanism; sometimes, I wonder if we are not taking full advantage of them.
If you are worried that you will not use enough lemon squeezers to make it worth the minimal investment, then I am worried that you are not using enough lemons. Lemon makes almost everything taste better, just as salt makes everything taste better, so you can and should always use a lemon squeezer.
Features To Look For In A Lemon Squeezer
1. Material: Stainless Steel Is Best
The best kind of lemon squeezers is made of stainless steel. Not aluminum or wood. Stainless steel is an alloy of steel (a form of steel) which is resistant to rust. This means that when lemon juice comes into contact with stainless steel, it would lead to no corrosion or leaching of the metal. A lemon squeezer made from stainless steel is the healthiest one for you.
2. Depth: A Deeper Bowl Squeezes Best
Make sure you pick a lemon squeezer with a ‘deep bowl’. A deep bowl will ensure that no matter what the size of the lemon, small or big, you would be able to juice it in the quickest time.
3. Design And Style
The squeezer must have a handle. This makes sure the tool is easy and comfortable to handle. And the lemon squeezer must have blunt edges, and not rough, jagged edges. Also, it should be sturdy and heavy duty.